DFW Chartering

DFW Chartering: Your Worldwide Shipping Partner

DFW Chartering LLC is a chartering/shipbrokerage company located in Dallas, Texas, USA that specializes in dry bulk as well as breakbulk shipment. We arrange shipments at all stages, from origin to end users. In addition to shipbrokerage and logistics, our team has expertise in sourcing grain all around the world, particularly in North America.

DFW Chartering LLC is an expert in logistics and transportation management. Although we are proficient in arranging grain transportation over land through rail, truck, and barges, our strength resides in our unparalleled ability to find the most appropriate and cost effective ocean-going vessels for our clients’ shipments.

Through our complete focus on the transportation chain, we inform our clients at all stages about their shipments. We can also accommodate our clients in arranging small container shipments.

In addition to logistics and ship chartering, we are also specialists, with years of experience, in sourcing agricultural products from all over the world, providing our clients with the best opportunities in the market.